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Language peer sets for Basic FORTRAN:
United States
United States/1964
Designed 1964
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus FORTRAN IV standard
Numerical Scientific
FORTRAN IV standard
Generation of Fortran IV
Fortran family
FORTRAN IV standard/1964
Generation of Fortran IV/1964
Fortran family/1964
FORTRAN IV standard/United States
Generation of Fortran IV/United States
Fortran family/United States
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1964
Numerical Scientific/us

Basic FORTRAN(ID:373/bas014)

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1964
Published: 1964
Genus: FORTRAN IV standard
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

ASA X3.4.3 Committee officially determined subset of FORTRAN (more or less the equivalent of FORTRAN II)

Related languages
Basic FORTRAN DITRAN   Extension of
Basic FORTRAN QUIKTRAN   Augmentation of

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          in [ACM] (1964) [ACM] CACM 7(10) October 1964
  • [ANSI] (1966) USA Standard Basic FORTRAN, United States of America Standards Institute, USAS X3.10-1966, New York, Mar., 1966.
          in [ACM] (1964) [ACM] CACM 7(10) October 1964
  • Moulton, P. G. and Muller, M. E., (1967) Moulton, P. G. and Muller, M. E., "DITRAN-A Compiler Emphasizing Diagnostics" Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: Background and Objectives
          in [ACM] (1967) [ACM] CACM 10(01) (Feb 1967)
  • Sammet, Jean E. (1969) Sammet, Jean E. "Computer Languages - Principles and History" Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Prentice-Hall 1969. p.150.
          in [ACM] (1967) [ACM] CACM 10(01) (Feb 1967)
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