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United States
United States/1995
Designed 1995
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Country: United States
Designed 1995
Published: 1997

Frost ( aka Java in Smalltalk, aka JiST )

Frost was a project done by ParcPlace-Digitalk back in 1996-97 to support running and developing Java programs in VisualWorks. Although it was cancelled before being finished, it has recently been released as open-source by Cincom.

'Frost' was a project originally undertaken by ParcPlace-Digitalk, long before Cincom Systems acquired VisualWorks (and thus acquired Frost).  Frost has now been Open Sourced.  

Frost is the internal name for a project to add some Java development capability to VisualWorks. This includes: compiling java source, dynamic loading of .class files, execution of Java code directly in VisualWorks including AWT emulation. For a more complete and detailed description of Frost capabilites, see the "official" documentation listed below under "File List". The project is about 3/4 of the way to being finished, for a first release.

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