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Language peer sets for PERT:
United States
United States/1961
Designed 1961
1960s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Generalised programming
Generalised programming
US historic algorithmic systems
Historic algorithmic languages
Generalised programming/1961
US historic algorithmic systems/1961
Historic algorithmic languages/1961
Generalised programming/United States
US historic algorithmic systems/United States
Historic algorithmic languages/United States


McBee Royal general coding system 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1961
Genus: Generalised programming
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

for Program Evaluation and Review Technique

Coding system for McBee

  • Eagle missile system. (1961) Eagle missile system. Program review and evaluation handbook -- PERT. Bendix Systems Div., Bendix Aviation Corp. Report No. BSR-414, 1961, AD256352.
  • PERT: A programming and control technique for spac (1961) PERT: A programming and control technique for space age management. Ballistics Systems Division. Air Force Systems Command, 1961, 17 pp. AD263538.
  • PERT: Program evaluation and review technique for (1961) PERT: Program evaluation and review technique for the Royal McBee LOP-30 computer. Army Chemical Center, Army Chemical Corp. Maryland, PB150992. Computer Abs. 5 (1961), Ab. 580
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