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Language peer sets for NSL:
Designed 1991
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Designed 1991

for Neural Simulation Language

Weitzenfeld, USC 1991

  • Weitzenfeld, Alfredo (1991) Weitzenfeld, Alfredo "NSL : Neural Simulation Language, Version 2.1." Technical Report USC-CNE-91-05, Brain Simulation Laboratory, Center for Neural Engineering, University of Southern California, July 1991
  • Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Oscar Peguero, Sebastin Gutir (2000) Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Oscar Peguero, Sebastin Gutirrez Departmento "NSL/ASL: Distributed Simulation of Modular Neural Networks" 20002000
  • (2000) Weitzenfeld, A., Arbib, M.A., and Alexander, A., 2000, The Neural Simulation Language NSL, Theory and Applications, MIT Press
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