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Designed 1991
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Japan
Designed 1991

for Constraint Unification Prolog

also cu-Prolog

Experimental constraint logic programming language available free from Japan's Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ICOT). Unlike most conventional CLP systems, cu-Prolog allows user-defined predicates as constraints. cu-Prolog is a complete implementation of Constraint Unification (cu), hence the name.

cu-Prolog is suitable for implementing a natural language processing
system for unification-based grammars. For example, the cu-Prolog
developers implemented a JPSG (Japanese Phrase Structure Grammar)
parser in cu-Prolog with the JPSG Working Group (headed by Prof.
Takao Gunji of Osaka University) at ICOT.

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