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Language peer sets for PRAXIS:
United States
United States/1980
Designed 1980
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


High Level machine oriented algebraic computer language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1980
Sammet category: Multi-purpose

High-level machine oriented algebraic block-structured language computer language, written by BBN for the Nova High Energy Laser Project at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

From the NEA release notes:

"DESCRIPTION OF PROGRAM OR FUNCTION - PRAXIS is a systems implementation programming language designed especially for control and communications programming. It is a modern, strongly-typed, block-structured language similar to PASCAL but with extentions and features particular to control systems applications. The software consists of three PRAXIS compilers and three associated support utilities - the PRAXIS RMS-11 Interface, a set of procedures, functions, and type declarations which allow PRAXIS programs to interface to the RMS-11 Input/Output system under VAX/VMS and the RSX-11M systems; TEXTIO, character I/O software for terminal and line-printer text operations; and UNPASCAL, a program which translates simple PASCAL programs into PRAXIS. The compilers included are: a VAX/VMS version which generates VAX code, a VAX/VMS version which generates PDP11 codes, and a PDP11/RSX-11M version which generates PDP11 code. NESC Edition B of PRAXIS is designated as Version 7.3 by the contributors. The PDP11 compiler is not supported and has not been changed since February 1982"

Related languages
Pascal PRAXIS   Extension of

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