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United States
United States/1979
Designed 1979
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


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Country: United States
Designed 1979
Published: 1979

High-level language for programming concurrent processes in real-time industrial control applications.

From Adix and Schutz 1976:

The Virtual Machine and VML were designed to support programs written in ILIAD, a high-level language used in implementing real-time control applications (Adix, 1975). However, the design techniques and results discussed should apply also to VMLs based on other high-level languages of comparable scope and capability. Thus the following desdription of ILIAD is limited to those aspects of the language which influenced the VML design and implementation.

An ILIAD program consists of a collection of task code modules which may execute concurrently. A second class of module, procedures, may be invoked as subroutines or functions. The variable data types of ILIAD are integers, real numbers, bit strings, and character strings; there is also a facility for the user to define new data types. Built-in functions are provided to perform the meaningful conversions between data types. Variables may be aggregated into arrays and structures. Variables may be private to one code module or they may be shared between modules; both private and shared data may be passed as parameters in procedure calls.

The control statements of ILIAD include the CALL, FOR, IF, SELECT CASE, and WHILE statements; both function references and CALL statements can link the ILIAD program to assembiy language and Fortran programs as well as to other ILIAD procedures. The ILIAD I/O facilities allow the use of analog and digital I/O as well as character string facilities which include certain values of shared I/O; however, formatted I/O is not provided. ILIAD also has tasking and timing activating concurrent tasks, sharing data and I/O devices between tasks, awaiting data, reading the real-time clock, and delaying for a given increment of time."

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