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Language peer sets for Snocone:
United States
United States/1983
Designed 1983
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1983
Published: 1985

For SNOBOL with syntactic sugar

Andrew Koenig of AT&T Bell Laboratories.  1983

SNOBOL variant with advanced control structures

Provides a preprocessor to the SNOBOL4 programming language, modelled on RATFOR and EFL.

Like EFL, and unlike Ratfor, Snocone is a self-contained programming language, rather than a proper superset of SNOBOL4. Like Ratfor, and unlike EFL, the Snocone translator makes no attempt to produce SNOBOL4 output that is easy for humans to understand.

Related languages
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RATFOR Snocone   Strong, Influence
SNOBOL4 Snocone   Evolution of

  • Andrew Koenig (1985) Andrew Koenig "Report on the Snocone Programming Language" online (revised) copy Abstract
          in [Proceedings] (1985) USENIX Conference Portland, Oregon June 1985
    • Extract: SNOCONE page

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