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Language peer sets for PIL:
United States
United States/1980
Designed 1980
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


Pascal Instructional Language - CAI Language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1980

for Pascal Instructional Language

Minnesota University

Replacement for MIL based on UCSD Pascal (much as MIL was based on FORTRAN). Still a standard set of CourseWriter features driving special purpose terminals

Related languages
MIL PIL   Positive Total Replacement for
UCSD Pascal PIL   Based on

  • (1980) Pascal Instructional Language Reference Manual, University of Minnesota Computer Center, Deluth, Minnesota
  • Luker, Mark (1986) Luker, Mark "An efficient, portable authoring language for microcomputers" Proceedings of the 1986 ACM SIGSMALL/PC symposium on Small systems San Francisco, California, United States 1986 pp228-240 Abstract Extract: PIL
  • Luker, Mark A. (1986) Luker, Mark A. "ADROIT, PC/PILOT, PIL and TENCORE, A Critical Comparison of Four CAI Languages from the Vantage Point of Computer Science" Tech Report 86-3 University of Minnesota-Duluth Duluth, Minnesota January 16, 1986
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