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Language peer sets for SEBOL:
Designed 1982
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War
Business Data Processing
Business Data Processing/1982
Business Data Processing/se


High level structured COBOL 

alternate simple view
Country: Sweden
Designed 1982
Sammet category: Business Data Processing

for Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Oriented Language

Unofficial subset of ANSI 74 Cobol, with added features:
+ the control structures required by JSP
+ verb level interface to IMS (Information Management System), IBM's database handler
+ S-E-Banken's extension verbs which, for example, validate check digits

Related languages
COBOL 74 SEBOL   Based on

  • Evans, Michael (1982) Evans, Michael "Software engineering for the Cobol environment" pp874-882 Abstract DOI
          in [ACM] (1982) [ACM] CACM 25(12) December 1982
  • [Various] (1983) [Various] Letters to the editor relating to Evans 82 from Evans, Garfunkel, and Brochstein pp243-244
          in [ACM] (1983) [ACM] CACM 26(04) April 1983
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