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Language peer sets for RECON:
United States
United States/1967
Designed 1967
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Ad hoc query languages
Ad hoc query languages
Erotetic systems
Ad hoc query languages/1967
Interrogatory /1967
Erotetic systems/1967
Ad hoc query languages/United States
Interrogatory /United States
Erotetic systems/United States


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1967
Genus: Ad hoc query languages

for REMote CONsole

Query language for Text, uses Command, Single file Dev: NASA HW: IBM

Information retrieval language developed by Informatics for NASA, and then released as a 4GL

Bundled with STIMS (Scientific and Technical Information Modular System

  • Kissman and Hummel (1972) Kissman, Henry M. and Hummel, Donald J. "The Toxicology Information Conversational On-Line Network Service (TOXICON)" Library Network/Medlars Technical Bulletin -October 1972 Page 5 (Excerpted from a paper presented at the 164th Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society, August 28-31, 1972, New York, New York) Abstract Extract: STIMS/RECON Extract: TOXICON Command Language
  • Hummel (1975) Hummel, Donald J. "A Comparative Report on an On-Line Retrieval Service Employing Two Distinct Software Systems?" Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 15(1) 1975 Extract: ELHILL and ORBIT Extract: Introduction Extract: ELHILL structure
  • Forman, R. (1984) Forman, R. L. Fulfilling the Computer's Promise: The History of Informatics, 1962 - 1982: Informatics General Corporation 1984 ch5 16-21 & ch11 19-21.
  • Haigh, Thomas “A Veritable Bucket of Facts: Origin (2003) Haigh, Thomas “A Veritable Bucket of Facts: Origins of the Database Management System”, in Proceedings of the Second Conference on the History and Heritage of Scientific and Technical Information System, eds. Mary Ellen Bowden & Boyd Rayward (New Jersey: Information Today), 2003. Online copy Extract: Anecdote
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