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Language peer sets for AED-1:
United States
United States/1965
Designed 1965
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus Gestalt programming
Gestalt programming
Theoretical incl category based
Gestalt programming/1965
Theoretical incl category based/1965
Gestalt programming/United States
Theoretical incl category based/United States
Generic/United States


Portable AED Compiler  

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1965
Genus: Gestalt programming

Portable AED Compiler

"December 1964-May 1965: With new Integrated Packages for Valued Blocks (in-line, one-call functions); arrays of values as single call argument; GENCAL generated calls (allowing compile-and-go compile-time use of packages in PRESET phase [but never exploited]) -- all added to language -- AED-0 Compiler is considered "complete." Portable AED-1 Compiler for AED-0 language now is focus. Integrated Packages will extend semantics without requiring syntax changes. New packages for BSS Plex Dump; Marked Stacks; Recursive RWORD ("read a word" lexical input); Generalized String Package with typed pointers. Delayed Merge, with Atomic and Molecular Stepping Functions will allow complete symbolic structures to be reordered and repackaged."

Related languages
AED-0 AED-1   Extension of

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  • Ross, Douglas (1995) Ross, Douglas "CAD Timeline at MIT LCS" Online resource
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