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Language peer sets for GULP:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1968
Designed 1968
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Grammar and Syntax-oriented
Grammar and Syntax-oriented
Grammar and Syntax-oriented/1968
Grammar and Syntax-oriented/United Kingdom
Language-related/United Kingdom
Content-reflexive/United Kingdom


alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1968
Genus: Grammar and Syntax-oriented

for General Utility Language Processor

Pankhurst Cambridge 1968

Interactive maths/grpahics program for the PDP-7

Related languages
ASP-7 GULP   Based on
Compiler-Compiler GULP   Evolution of

  • Pankhurst, R. J. (1968) Pankhurst, R. J. "GULP—A compiler-compiler for verbal and graphic languages" Abstract Extract: Outline of System Extract: Associative Ring Structure
          in (1968) Proceedings of the 23rd ACM national conference January 1968
  • Smith, Lyle B. (1970) Smith, Lyle B. "A Survey of Interactive Graphical Systems for Mathematics" Extract: GULP
          in [ACM] (1970) [ACM] ACM Computing Surveys 2(4) Dec1970
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