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Language peer sets for SLANG:
United States
United States/1969
Designed 1969
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Digital
Electronic Circuit
Electronic Circuit/1969
Digital/United States
Electronic Circuit/United States
Continuous/United States


Simulation language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1969
Published: 1969
Genus: Digital

Digital simulation language from TRW, charactersed by naturalness and ease of use.

Interesting feature is a universal closure - REJOIN for END IF LOOP etc.

  • Adamson, Davis S.; and Winant, Clinton D. (1969) Adamson, Davis S.; and Winant, Clinton D. "A SLANG simulation of the propagation of an initially strong shock wave downstream of an infinite area change" in Proc. Conf. on Applications of Continuous System Simula tion Languages,pp231-240
  • Thames, Joe M. Jr.: (1969) Thames, Joe M. Jr.: "SLANG, a problem solving language for continuous mode simulation and optimization" Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: Language Philosophy Extract: Problem Solving Features Extract: Command Structures
          in (1969) Proceedings of the twenty-fourth ACM national conference August 1969
  • Greene, J. (1970) Greene, J. P. Review of Adamson Abstract
          in (1970) ACM Computing Reviews 11(02) February 1970
  • Sammet (1972) Sammet, Jean E., "Roster of Programming Languages 1972" 260
          in (1972) Computers & Automation 21(6B), 30 Aug 1972
  • Stock and Stock (1973) Stock, Marylene and Stock, Karl F. "Bibliography of Programming Languages: Books, User Manuals and Articles from PLANKALKUL to PL/I" Verlag Dokumentation, Pullach/Munchen 1973 553 Abstract
          in (1972) Computers & Automation 21(6B), 30 Aug 1972
  • Wing Cheung Tam , Walter J. (1974) Wing Cheung Tam , Walter J. Karplus, PDEL-ID: An extension of PDEL for distributed parameter system identification Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: PDEL-ID LAnguage
          in [VHLL 1974] (1974) Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN symposium on Very high level languages, March 28-29, 1974, Santa Monica, California, United States
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