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Language peer sets for SML:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1969
Designed 1969
1960s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Other Algol 60s
Other Algol 60s
Generation of Algol 60
Algol family
Other Algol 60s/1969
Generation of Algol 60/1969
Algol family/1969
Other Algol 60s/United Kingdom
Generation of Algol 60/United Kingdom
Algol family/United Kingdom


Small Machine Language 

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1969
Published: 1969
Genus: Other Algol 60s

for Small Machine Language.

Barnes, ICI 1969.

Real-time language, an ALGOL variant, and the predecessor of RTL.

Related languages
Realtime Algol SML   Implementation of
SML RTL   Successor

  • Barnes, J.G.P. (1969) Barnes, J.G.P. "SML User's Guide", ICI, TR JGPB/69/35 (1969).
  • Barnes, J.G.P. (1972) Barnes, J.G.P. "Real Time Languages for Process Control" Abstract Extract: The birth of SML Extract: Criteria for RTL/1 Extract: Experiences
          in (1972) The Computer Journal 15(1) February 1972
  • Flink, Charles W., (1977) Flink, Charles W., "EASY—an operating system for the QM-1" in Proceedings of the tenth annual workshop on Microprogramming 1977 , Niagara Falls, New York, United States pp: 7 - 14 Abstract Extract: The System Programming Language SIMPL-Q
          in (1972) The Computer Journal 15(1) February 1972
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