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Language peer sets for GAMS:
United States
United States/1988
Designed 1988
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Genus Algebraic
Numerical Scientific
Algebraic/United States
Mathematical/United States
Expression-oriented/United States
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1988
Numerical Scientific/us


General Algebraic Modeling System 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1988
Genus: Algebraic
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

for General Algebraic Modeling System

Algebraic language

GAMS Development Corporation  
Anthony Brooke  
David Kendrick  
Alexander Meeraus  
Ramesh Raman

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  • Anthony Brooke, David Kendrick, Alexander Meeraus, (1992) Anthony Brooke, David Kendrick, Alexander Meeraus, Ramesh Raman "GAMS A User's Guide" Release 2.25. The Scientific Press, 1992 Online copy
  • Dirkse, S.P. (1994) Dirkse, S.P. ; M.C. Ferris, P.V. Preckel and T. Rutherford, The GAMS Callable Program Library for Variational and Complementarity Solvers. Mathematical Programming Technical Report 94-07, University of Wisconsin, Madison (1994) Online copy
  • Rutherford, T. (1994) Rutherford, T. F. Applied general equilibrium modeling with MPSGE as a GAMS subsystem. Manuscript, Department of Economics, University of Colorado, Boulder, Jan. 1994. Abstract Online copy
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  • Helmstrom, Kenneth (1997) Helmstrom, Kenneth "TOMLAB - An environment for Solving Optimization Problems in MATLAB" Applied Modelling and Research Group in the Department of Mathematics and Physics, Malardalen University Sweden
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