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United States
United States/1996
Designed 1996
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Post-Cold War
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Language for Protocol Compilation 

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Country: United States
Designed 1996
Published: 1998
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

Language for Protocol Compilation

Eddie Kohler, Frans Kaashoek, David Montgomery; LCS at MIT (PDOS group) 1998

from PROLAC home page:
"Prolac is a programming language designed for writing readable, modular, extensible, and efficient network protocol implementations. It was designed pragmatically, for implementation, rather than as a prescriptive specification language with interesting theoretical properties. Object-oriented languages, functional languages, C, and Yacc are the strongest influences on its design. This combination of influences -- and a focus on minimal, elegant syntax -- led to some novel features (module operators, for instance), despite a general preference for time-tested techniques."

  • Kohler, Eddie (1997) Kohler, Eddie "Prolac: A Language For Protocol Compilation" MSc MIT September, 1997 Extract: Related work Abstract
  • Kohler, Eddie (1999) Kohler, Eddie "Prolac language reference manual", January 1999. Online copy
  • Kohler, Eddie; Kaashoek, M. Frans; Montgomery, Dav (1999) Kohler, Eddie; Kaashoek, M. Frans; Montgomery, David R. "A readable TCP in the Prolac protocol language" Proceedings of the conference on Applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communication, 1999, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Abstract DOI Extract: Introduction Extract: Related work
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