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Designed 1957
1950s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Symbolic assemblers
Symbolic assemblers
Fixed operation
Symbolic assemblers/1957
Fixed operation/1957
Symbolic assemblers/Netherlands
Fixed operation/Netherlands

Normal code(ID:4981/nor003)

High level assembler for the StanTec Zebra 

alternate simple view
Country: Netherlands
Designed 1957
Published: 1959
Genus: Symbolic assemblers

High level assembler for the Stantec Zebra

from Smillie
"The structure of the Normal (machine) Code is based on a novel idea. Single letters specify basic operations such as add, test, store; but there are 15 such letters (called function digits) and these may be used in any combination so that the programmer may construct thousands of different instructions. It is possible to instruct the machine to add, transfer, shift, modify and test "all at the same time", thus making the effective speed of operation of the computer greater than the intrinsic electronic speed would suggest. "

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