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Language peer sets for CLiC:
Designed 1988
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Genus Strict evaluation LISPs
String and List Processing
Strict evaluation LISPs
Lambda caculus
Strict evaluation LISPs/1988
Lambda caculus/1988
Strict evaluation LISPs/Japan
Lambda caculus/Japan
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1988
String and List Processing/jp


alternate simple view
Country: Japan
Designed 1988
Genus: Strict evaluation LISPs
Sammet category: String and List Processing

for CommonLisp Compiler for konoCL

konoCL is a port of Common LISP for a Hitachi MC68000 UNIX computer

  • Fujioka Hideki, Nakamura Teruo, Noutomi Masato, Ya (1988) Fujioka Hideki, Nakamura Teruo, Noutomi Masato, Yamamoto Masahiko "CLiC @CommonLisp Compiler for konoCL" Abstract
          in (1988) IPSJ SIGNotes SYMbol manipulation Abstract No.047 - 005
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