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United States
United States/1992
Designed 1992
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


Rapid prototyping language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1992

Proxy: an interpreter for a specification, design and rapid prototyping language based on the VDM (Vienna Development Method) and written in Scheme

It uses data structures such as sets, maps, sequences and objects to model software

Developed by Burt Leavenworth

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Scheme Proxy   Written using
Vienna Definition Language Proxy   Influence

  • Leavenworth, Burt (1992) Leavenworth, Burt "Proxy: a Scheme-based prototyping language: high-level data structures for rapid software design and development" Dr. Dobb's Journal 18(3) (March 1993) Abstract
  • Leavenworth, Burt (1992) Leavenworth, Burt "Proxy: an interpreter for rapid prototyping" Abstract
          in [SIGPLAN] (1992) SIGPLAN Notices 27(06) June 1992
  • Leavenworth, Burt (1995) Leavenworth, Burt "Proxy v1.5 Manual" 1995 Abstract Extract: Introduction
          in [SIGPLAN] (1992) SIGPLAN Notices 27(06) June 1992
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