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Designed 1995
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


Interactive concurrent constraint language  

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Country: Germany
Designed 1995

DFKI OZ 2.0 is an interactive implementation featuring incremental compiler, support for stand alone applications, an OO interface to Tcl/Tk, and unique graphic tools for constraint programming. It provides an extensive library of constraint propagators, distributors,and search engines, including special support for scheduling. Users can add their own constraint propagators through a C++ interface.  It is a high-level PL that is designed for modern, advanced, concurrent, intelligent, networked, soft real-time, parallel, interactive and pro-active application. Oz provides the salient features of OOP, including state, abstract data types, objects, classes, and inheritance. It also features the salient features of functional programming including compositional syntax, first-class procedures/functions, and lexical scoping, and also provides the salient features of logic and constraint programming including logic, variables, constraints, disjunction constructs, and programmable search mechanisms.  Performance is competitive with the best Prolog and Lisp.  

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