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Language peer sets for Whirlwind:
United States
United States/1951
Designed 1951
1950s languages
First generation
Immediate Post-War
Genus Other US historic
Numerical Scientific
Other US historic
US historic algorithmic systems
Historic algorithmic languages
Other US historic/1951
US historic algorithmic systems/1951
Historic algorithmic languages/1951
Other US historic/United States
US historic algorithmic systems/United States
Historic algorithmic languages/United States
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1951
Numerical Scientific/us


Autocode for MIT Whirlwind 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1951
Genus: Other US historic
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

Autocode for MIT Whirlwind, created by Charles Adams and Jack Gilmore after Wilkes' EDSAC system.

Related languages
EDSAC Initial Orders Whirlwind   Influence

  • Carr (1952) Carr, J. W., "Review of Electronic Digital Computers: Extension of Remarks Made From the Floor" pp113 - 114.
          in [JCC 01] (1952) [JCC 01] Joint AIEE-IRE Computer Conference Proceedings February 1952
  • John W. Carr, III (1952) John W. Carr, III "Progress of the whirlwind computer towards an automatic programming procedure" Abstract DOI Extract: Introduction
          in (1952) Proceedings of the 1952 ACM national meeting (Pittsburgh)
  • GIlmore (1982) Gilmore, Jack "Whirlwind Before Core: Reminiscences of Jack Gilmore" The Computer Museum Report Volume 2 Fall 1982 (transcribed by Ben Goldberg) Abstract Online copy
          in (1952) Proceedings of the 1952 ACM national meeting (Pittsburgh)
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