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Language peer sets for DoNaLD:
Designed 1986
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War


alternate simple view
Designed 1986

for "a definitive notation for line-drawing"

definitive notation for 2-d line-drawing

from page

" Its underlying algebra has the data types: integer, real, boolean, char, point, line, arc, circle, ellipse, shape and label. A shape is a set of points and lines. A point is represented by a pair of scalar values {x,y}. Points can be treated as position vectors, in that they can be added and multiplied by a scalar factor. A line is a line segment that joins two points.

The operators currently implemented in DoNaLD include:

arithmetic operators

+  *  div  float()  trunc()   if ... then ... else ...

basic geometric operators

.1  .2  .x  .y  {,}  [,]  +  *

dist() intersects() intersect()

translate() rot() scale()
label() circle() ellipse()

  • (1986) WMB Definitive Notations for Interaction Warwick CS RR 1986
  • (1986) WMB et al DoNaLD: a line-drawing notation based on definitive principles, Warwick CS RR#86, 1986
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