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Language peer sets for Setun:
Russian Federation
Russian Federation/1978
Designed 1978
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


Ternary logic autocode 

alternate simple view
Country: Russian Federation
Designed 1978

for the River Setun, which flowed passed the laboratory where the Setun computer was made

Ternary logic autocode for the Russian Ternary Logic Computer

  • A. Zhogolev, (1962) A. Zhogolev, "The Order Code and An Interpretative System for the SETUN Computer," USSR Comp. Math. and Math. Physics (3), 1962, Pergamon Press, pp. 563-578.
  • Varshavskil, (1964) Varshavskil, "Ternary Majority Logic," Avtomatika i Telemekhanlka, 25(5), May 64, pp. 673-684.
  • Tatsuo Higuchi & Hisamitsu Hoshi (1978) Tatsuo Higuchi & Hisamitsu Hoshi "Special-purpose ternary computer for digital filtering" Proceedings of the eighth international symposium on Multiple-valued logic, 1978 , Rosemont, Illinois, United States
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