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Language peer sets for GOAL:
United States
United States/1973
Designed 1973
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War
Genus Multiline
Specialised Languages
Textually spatial
Spatially algorithmic
Textually spatial/1973
Spatially algorithmic/1973
Multiline/United States
Textually spatial/United States
Spatially algorithmic/United States
Specialised Languages
Specialised Languages/1973
Specialised Languages/us


Ground Operations Aerospace Language  

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1973
Genus: Multiline
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for Ground Operations Aerospace Language

  • Dickison, Larry R. (1973) Dickison, Larry R. "Ground Operations Aerospace Language (GOAL) Syntax Diagrams Handbook", TR-1213, N73-31148, 1973
  • [IBM] Launch Processing System Checkout, Control a (1983) [IBM] Launch Processing System Checkout, Control and Monitor Subsystem Detailed Software Design Specifications, Book 2, Part 1: GOAL Language Processor, KSC-LPS-IB-070-2, pt. 1, release S33, Cape Canaveral, FL, June 3, 1983.
  • [IBM] (1983) IBM Corporation, Launch Processing System Checkout, Control, and Monitor Subsystem: GOAL On-Board Interface Language, KSC-LPS-OP-033-4, release S33, Cape Canaveral, FL, April 27, 1983
  • (1987) "Computers in Spaceflight: The NASA Experience" Onlline copy Extract: GOAL, A Language for Launch Processing Extract: HYLA, ATOLL, SOL
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