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Language peer sets for LLilog:
Designed 1986
1980s languages
Fifth generation
Late Cold War
Genus Language-oriented
Experimental and other
Experimental and other
Experimental and other/1986
Experimental and other/DE


KR Lanugage 

alternate simple view
Country: Germany
Designed 1986
Genus: Language-oriented
Sammet category: Experimental and other

for Language for LInguistic and LOGic methods

written LLILOG

Knowledge representation language from IBM Stuttgart

Related languages
KL-ONE LLilog   Incorporated features of
Prolog III LLilog   Built on
LLilog FORKADS   Based on

  • Studer, Rudi (1986) Studer, Rudi "A Conceptual Model for Time" LILOG-Report 2 December 1986 Abstract
  • Studer, Rudi, and Walter, Bernd (1986) Studer, Rudi, and Walter, Bernd "Implementation Aspects of a Natural Language Understanding System in a PROLOG/DB Environment" LILOG-REPORT 3 September 1986 Abstract
  • Bosch, Peter (1987) Bosch, Peter "Representation and Accessibility of Discourse Referents" LILOG-Report 24 September 1987 Abstract
  • Pletat, Udo, Beierle, Christoph (1987) Pletat, Udo, Beierle, Christoph "The Semantics of Asserting and Retracting Clauses to Logic Programs" July 1987 LILOG-Report 7 Abstract
  • Rehkamper, Kalus (1987) Rehkamper, Kalus "Mental Images and Route Descriptions" LILOG-Report 20 August 1987 Abstract
  • Rollinger, Clause, Studer, Rudi, Uszkoreit, Hans a (1987) Rollinger, Clause, Studer, Rudi, Uszkoreit, Hans and Wachsmuth, Ipke "Text Understanding in LILOG-Sorts and Reference Objects" LILOG-Report 25 August 1987 Abstract
  • Schmitt, P. H. (1987) Schmitt, P. H. "Mathematical Logic and Artificial Intelligence" LILOG-Report 6 January 1987 Abstract
  • Schmitt, P. (1987) Schmitt, P. H. Computational Aspects of Three-valued Logic LILOG-Report 26 August 1987 Abstract
  • Seiffert, Roland (1987) Seiffert, Roland "Chart Parsing of Unification-Based Grammars with ID/LP Rules" September 1987 LILOG-Report 22 Abstract
  • Studner, Rudi, Borner, Stefan (1987) Studner, Rudi, Borner, Stefan "An Approach to Manage Large Inheritance Networks" March 1987 LILOG-Report 8 Abstract
  • Wachsmuth, Ipke (1987) Wachsmuth, Ipke "On Structuring Domain-Specific Knowledge" March 1987 LILOG-Report 12 Abstract
  • Wesche, Birgit (1987) Wesche, Birgit "At Ease with "at"" August 1987 LILOG-Report 23 Abstract
  • Wesche, Birgit, Renz, Ingrid (1987) Wesche, Birgit, Renz, Ingrid "Word Order and Focus Projection" LILOG-Report 20 April 1987 LILOG-Report 13 Abstract
  • Godehard Link, Hinrich Schütze (1991) Godehard Link, Hinrich Schütze "The Treatment of Plurality in L-LILOG" Text Understanding in LILOG, Integrating Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, Final Report on the IBM Germany LILOG-Project January 1991 Abstract
  • Klose, G. (1992) Klose, G. "Ontologie Und Axiomatik Der Wissensbasis Von Lilog Wissenmodellinerung Im IBM Deutschland Lilog-Project" Springer Verlag 1992
  • Beierle, C.; Pletat, U.; Studer, R. (1993) Beierle, C.; Pletat, U.; Studer, R. "Knowledge Representation for Natural Language Understanding: The L_LILOG Approach" IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 5(3) June 1993 Abstract
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