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Language peer sets for TFL:
Designed 1996
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: France
Designed 1996

for TASK Formal Language

Based on the algebraic language PLUSS

"In all the specification modules, the axioms are expressed by conditional positive equation built on atomic formula with the connectors: iff. The atomic formula are either equations or assertions on predicative terms using the constructions is defined, is true and isfalse"

Related languages
PLUSS TFL   Based on

  • Bidoit, M.,Gaudel, M. C., & Mauboussin, A. (1988) Bidoit, M.,Gaudel, M. C., & Mauboussin, A. "How to make algebraic specifications more understandable" Research report No. 439. LRI, Universit Paris Sud 1988
  • Pierret-Golbreich, C. and Talon, X. (1996) Pierret-Golbreich, C. and Talon, X. "TFL: An algebraic language to specify the dynamic behaviour of knowledge-based systems"
          in (1996) The Knowledge Engineering Review, 11(3) 1996
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