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Language peer sets for CODIL:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1970
Designed 1970
1970s languages
Third generation
High Cold War
Genus Other DPLs
Business Data Processing
Other DPLs
Data processing
Close mapping
Other DPLs/1970
Data processing/1970
Close mapping/1970
Other DPLs/United Kingdom
Data processing/United Kingdom
Close mapping/United Kingdom
Business Data Processing
Business Data Processing/1970
Business Data Processing/uk


Context-sensitive Information Manipulation language 

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1970
Published: 1971
Genus: Other DPLs
Sammet category: Business Data Processing

for COntext Dependent Information Language.

Chris Reynolds at ICL 1970

Context-sensitive language for non-numerical business problems.

Specialised in extracting dirty data from systems. Became MicroCODIL

Made use of indentation as syntactically meaningful

Related languages
CODIL MicroCODIL   Evolution of

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