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Language peer sets for F-Script:
Designed 1999
1990s languages
New internationlism


alternate simple view
Designed 1999

object-oriented scripting language with APL influences

Related languages
F-Script OOPAL   Written using

  • Mougin, Phillipe (1999) Mougin, Phillipe "F-Script Guide" 1999 pdf
  • Mougin, Phillipe (1999) Mougin, Phillipe "F-Script Reference Manual" 1999
  • Mougin, Philippe (2000) Mougin, Philippe "High-level Object Oriented Programming with Array Technology" Proceedings of the international conference on APL-Berlin-2000 conference, p.163-175, July 24-27, 2000, Berlin, Germany Abstract Extract: Context Extract: Description Extract: OT and ADT Extract: Description
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