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Language peer sets for Floyd - Evans language:
United States
United States/1960
Designed 1960
1960s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus Grammar and Syntax-oriented
String and List Processing
Grammar and Syntax-oriented
Grammar and Syntax-oriented/1960
Grammar and Syntax-oriented/United States
Language-related/United States
Content-reflexive/United States
String and List Processing
String and List Processing/1960
String and List Processing/us

Floyd - Evans language(ID:5533/flo015)

Symbolic manipulation language 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1960
Genus: Grammar and Syntax-oriented
Sammet category: String and List Processing

Symbolic language system, attempting to overcome the limitations of what Floyd called "algebraic command languages" (then ALGOL, IT, FORTRAN, UNICODE) and examine a more direct approach to symbolic manipulation.

Floyd (1961) is an important and much cited paper.

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