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Designed 1998
1990s languages
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Country: Canada
Designed 1998

for Hot Spot Markup Language
HSML is a domain-specific language designed for specifying source code mining tasks in the maintenance of legacy software systems.  In essence it is a very concise notation for software  repository queries in which algebraic-style equations induce cascaded source code markups  to yield focussed points of interest with respect to a particular software maintenance task such as the Year 2000 problem.  HSML is implemented as a front end to TXL, which actually implements the markup and queries.

HSML is closely related to TXL, which it is a front end for.

  • Anthony Cox and Charles L. A. Clarke, (2001) Anthony Cox and Charles L. A. Clarke, "Representing and Accessing Extracted Information", ICSM pp 12-21 2001 Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: Related Work
  • J. Cordy, K. Schneider, T. Dean, and A. Malton. (2001) J. Cordy, K. Schneider, T. Dean, and A. Malton. "HSML: Design directed source code hot spots". In Ninth Interna­tional Workshop on Program Comprehension, pages 145-154, Toronto, Canada, May 2001.
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