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Language peer sets for Bantam:
Designed 2001
2000s languages
New internationlism
Specialised Languages
Specialised Languages/2001


alternate simple view
Designed 2001
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for Biometric ANd Token technology Application Modeling language

Language for implementing biometric security systems (with reference to fingerprints, voiceprints and eye scans).

  • Ashbourn, Julian D. M. (2000) Ashbourn, Julian D. M. "Biometrics: Advanced Identify Verification: The Complete Guide" Springer 2000 Abstract
  • Ashbourn, Julian (2001) Ashbourn, Julian "Bantam User Guide: Biometric and Token Technology Application Modeling Language" Springer LNCS Abstract Online page
  • Ashbourn, Julian (2002) Ashbourn, Julian "Biometric and Token Technology Application Modelling Language (BANTAM)" Business Briefing: Global Infosecurity 2002 Abstract
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