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Language peer sets for Navel:
Designed 1994
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Designed 1994

Functional Language, Greg Michaelson, Herriot-Watt Uni 1994

The functional language Navel has been developed to enable the implementation of programming languages as interpreters from their formal semantics. Navel integrates grammar rules as first class values within a strict, run time typed, pure functional language with lazy list construction. Navel has also been used in the implementation of data strutures as self modifying functions, in particular constant space update queues and balanced binary trees.

  • Michaelson, G. (1986) Michaelson, G. "Interpreters from Functions and Grammars"
          in (1986) Computer Languages 11(2)
  • Michaelson, G. (1990) Michaelson, G. "Text generation from grammars" pp566-568
          in (1990) Information and Software Technology 32(8) October 1990
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