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Language peer sets for ROBART 1:
United States
United States/1981
Designed 1981
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War
Genus CAI languages
CAI languages
Erotetic systems
CAI languages/1981
Erotetic systems/1981
CAI languages/United States
Interlocutary/United States
Erotetic systems/United States

ROBART 1(ID:5686/rob001)

Dialogue grammar based on BNF 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1981
Genus: CAI languages
Sammet category: On-Line

Dialogue grammars based on BNF

Phyllis Reisner, IBM Research Laboratory, San Jose, CA

Related languages
ROBART 1 ROBART 2   Evolution of

  • Reisner, Phyllis (1977) Reisner, Phyllis "Use of psychological experimentation as an aid to development of a query language" pp218-229
          in IEEE Trans. (1977) IEEE Trans. Software Eng., vol. SE-3, May 1977
  • Reisner, Phyllis (1981) Reisner, Phyllis "Formal Grammar and Human Factors Design of an Interactive Graphics System" Extract: Beyond Simple BNF Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: Summary
          in (1981) IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, March 1981
  • Abowd, Gregory et al (1989) Abowd, Gregory et al "User Interface Languages: a Survey of Existing Methods" Programming Research Group Oxford ­TR­ 5­89 1989
          in (1981) IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, March 1981
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