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Designed 1960
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Early Cold War
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Description languages
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French IR language 

alternate simple view
Country: France
Designed 1960
Published: 1962
Genus: Description languages
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for SYNTagmatic Organization Language

Semiotics-inspired language for the organization and retrieval of complex documents

Jean-Claude Gardin CNRS 1960

Gardin was an archaeologist at the Archeological Documentation Centre at CNRS and developed SYNTOL from the need to catalogue the Middle East bronzes collection. In 1960 he got funding support from Euratom to turn it into a generalised language for automated indexing.

Gardin based it on Saussure?s semiotics and distinguished between the semantic (paradigmatic) mode and the syntactic (syntagmatic, hence the name) mode of expression. It is a metalanguage for describing the relation between terms, rather than enumerating the terms themselves. ?It consists of a codified linguistic framework being used to represent the data, and of a whole of logical operations making it possible to store descriptions of documents and to find them.? (PBL 2003)

?SYNTOL specifies moreover two distinct groups of facets: Source and Sets of themes. In Source, the headings refer to physical attributes as the form, the language and the date; the Thematic facet includes the Beings (people or groups), the Topic (category of phenomena such as the relationship or the religion), Time (evokes events), Space (place where appear the people or the events) and the Mode (the general manner to tackle the subject: history, critical, etc). This terminology emphasizes the intention which inspired the analysis, as in the fundamental categories of Ranganathan, and this system influenced most of later research, in particular for the indexing of the archaeological objects.? (PBL 2003)

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SYNTOL SMART   Influence

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