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Animated programming lagnuage for children 

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Country: United States

Kahn's animated OO programming language for teaching children to program

  • Kahn (1976) Kahn,.Ken A knowledge-based computer animation system. Technical report, MIT AI Lab, February 1976. LOGO Working Paper 47, AI Working Paper 119
  • Kahn (1976) Ken Kahn. An actor-based computer animation language. In S. Treu, editor, Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH/ACM Workshop on User-Oriented Design of Interactive Graphics Systems, pages 37--43, October 1976. Abstract
  • Kahn (1977) Kahn, Ken and Henry Lieberman. Computer animation: Snow White's dream machine. Technology Review, 80:34--46, October/November 1977
  • Kahn (1979) Kahn,.Ken Creation of computer animation from story descriptions. Technical Report 540, MIT AI Lab, August 1979
  • Kahn (1979) Kahn,.Ken Director guide. Technical Report 482B, MIT AI Lab, December 1979.
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