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Language peer sets for ARMBASIC:
Designed 1982
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


Micromanipulator language 

alternate simple view
Designed 1982
Published: 1983

Extensions to BASIC to permit the manipulation of the Microbot Mini-Mover 5 educational robot

  • Shore C J and Huddleston J (1983) Shore C J and Huddleston J "A facility for the evaluation of the performance of small robotic arms, and a comparison of the Colne Armdroid and Microbot Minimover-5" AERE Report 11067
  • Huddleston, J. (1985) Huddleston, J. "The use of small robots for laboratory manipulations Journal of Physics E: Scientific Instruments 18(11) pp891-896 Nov 1985 Abstract Extract: Armbasic and the MM-5
  • Fuller, James (1998) Fuller, James "ROBOTICS: Introduction, Programming, and Projects" Prentice-Hall
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