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Language peer sets for Elliott ALGOL:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1960
Designed 1960
1960s languages
Second generation
Early Cold War
Genus True ALGOL60s
Numerical Scientific
True ALGOL60s
Generation of Algol 60
Algol family
True ALGOL60s/1960
Generation of Algol 60/1960
Algol family/1960
True ALGOL60s/United Kingdom
Generation of Algol 60/United Kingdom
Algol family/United Kingdom
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1960
Numerical Scientific/uk

Elliott ALGOL(ID:5830/ell005)

Hoare's seminal ALGOL 60 

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1960
Genus: True ALGOL60s
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

ALGOL 60 on a National-Elliott 803 and the Elliott 503 digital computers, done by Tony Hoare and the subject of the famous Turing lecture


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