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Language peer sets for LOGIK:
Designed 1964
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus Digital
Electronic Circuit
Electronic Circuit/1964


alternate simple view
Designed 1964
Genus: Digital

Compiler for bit-time simulation on the 7090. Written with the META system

  • Rutman, Roger, (1964) Rutman, Roger, "LOGIK, A Syntax Directed Compiler for Computer Bit-Time Simulation," Master Thesis, UCLA, August 1964.
  • Schorre, V. (1964) Schorre, V. "Meta II: a Syntax Oriented Compiler Writing Language" Abstract Extract: Introduction Extract: History Extract: How the META II Compiler Was Written Extract: Further Development of META Languages Extract: META 4
          in (1964) Proceedings of the 19th ACM national conference January 1964
  • Mandell, R. and Estrin, G. (1966) Mandell, R. and Estrin, G. "A meta-compiler as a design automation tool" pp13.1-13.40 Abstract
          in [ACM/IEEE] (1965) [ACM/IEEE] Proceedings of the SHARE Design Automation Project Annual ACM IEEE Design Automation Conference 1965
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