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Designed 1974
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War
Experimental and other
Experimental and other/1974
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Language to control programming components 

alternate simple view
Country: Israel
Designed 1974
Sammet category: Experimental and other

for PArallel COntrol Language

Barta, Technion (Israel) 1972-5

Language for controlling the execution of programs written in any language on a dedicated computer

Quasi-macro in syntax, but effectively a system of describing parallel programs by referring to programming units expressed in functional blocks (EPPSs), and treating them as directed graphs. Values are given for ingress and egress, along with the language used.

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  • Barta, Ben (1975) Barta, Ben "PACOL: A parallel control language" Abstract DOI Extract: Introduction
          in [PLCVPM 1975] (1975) SIGPLAN Notices 10(03) March 1975 Proceedings of the conference on Programming languages and compilers for parallel and vector machines, January 1975
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