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Language peer sets for Kidsgrove Algol:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom/1963
Designed 1963
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus True ALGOL60s
Numerical Scientific
True ALGOL60s
Generation of Algol 60
Algol family
True ALGOL60s/1963
Generation of Algol 60/1963
Algol family/1963
True ALGOL60s/United Kingdom
Generation of Algol 60/United Kingdom
Algol family/United Kingdom
Numerical Scientific
Numerical Scientific/1963
Numerical Scientific/uk

Kidsgrove Algol(ID:5893/kdf001)

alternate simple view
Country: United Kingdom
Designed 1963
Genus: True ALGOL60s
Sammet category: Numerical Scientific

English Electric Algol 60 developed at Kidsgrove

  • KDF9 English Electric-Leo-Marconi

Related languages
ALGOL 60 Kidsgrove Algol   Implementation
Kidsgrove Algol KALDAS   Written using

  • Duncan, F. G. (1961) Duncan, F. G. "ALGOL translation for KDF9" Auto. Programming Inf. No. 7 (May 1961), 31-34.
  • Haley, A. (1962) Haley, A. "The KDF.9 computer system" pp108-120
          in [AFIPS JCC 22] (1962) [AFIPS JCC 22] Proceedings of the 1962 Fall Joint Computer Conference FJCC 1962
  • Keirstead, R. (1962) Keirstead, R. E. review of Duncan 1961 Abstract
          in (1962) ACM Computing Reviews 3(01) January-February 1962
  • Kilner, Daphne (1962) Kilner, Daphne "Automatic Programming Languages for Business and Science" Abstract Extract: Aims Extract: Two English Electric Algol 60s
          in (1962) The Computer Bulletin September 1962
  • Green, J.S. (1963) Green, J.S. "KDF 9 Algol programming Manual" English Electric-Leo Computers Ltd
          in (1962) The Computer Bulletin September 1962
  • Hawkins, E. N. and Huxtable, H. R. (1963) Hawkins, E. N. and Huxtable, H. R. "A Multi-Pass Translation Scheme For Algol 60" pp163-206
          in Goodman (ed) (1963) Goodman, Richard (ed) "Annual Review in Automatic Programming" (3) 1963 Pergamon Press, Oxford
  • McPherson, J. (1963) McPherson, J. C. review of Duncan 1962 Abstract
          in [ACM] (1963) ACM Computing Reviews 4(01) January-February, 1963
  • Mulholland, KA (1969) Mulholland, KA "Software to translate TELCOMP programs into KDF9 ALGOL" pp221-224 Extract: Introduction Extract: Aims of the program Extract: The read procedure Extract: Types of instruction available in TELCOMP
          in (1969) The Computer Journal 12(3) 1969
  • Evershed and Rippon (1971) Evershed, DG and Rippon, GE "High level languages for low level users" pp. 87-90 Abstract
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          in (1971) The Computer Journal 14(1) 1971
  • Wichmann, BA (1972) Wichmann, BA "Five ALGOL compilers" pp8-12 Abstract Extract: Kidgrove Algol Extract: Conclusion
          in (1972) The Computer Journal 15(1) February 1972
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