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Language peer sets for ALTRAN:
United States
United States/1965
Designed 1965
1960s languages
Third generation
Early Cold War
Genus Fortran I-III Variants
Non-numerical Scientific
Fortran I-III Variants
Generation of Fortran I-III
Fortran family
Fortran I-III Variants/1965
Generation of Fortran I-III/1965
Fortran family/1965
Fortran I-III Variants/United States
Generation of Fortran I-III/United States
Fortran family/United States
Non-numerical Scientific
Non-numerical Scientific/1965
Non-numerical Scientific/us


Translator for ALTAC 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1965
Genus: Fortran I-III Variants
Sammet category: Non-numerical Scientific

for ALTAC on FORTRAN II. This was done because of several features that ALTAC had which FORTRAN II lacked. This is quite odd, as ALTAC was itself a FORTRAN II clone.

Translator of ALTAC (and TAC and PHILCO Assembler) to FORTRAN II

Thomas Olsen, Martin Company, Batimore Maryland 1965

Nothing whatsoever to do with the other ALTRAN of 1965!

Related languages
ALTAC ALTRAN   Translator for
FORTRAN II ALTRAN   Target language for
TAC ALTRAN   Translator for

  • Olsen, Thomas M. (1965) Olsen, Thomas M. "ALTRAN: An IBM-7094 translator for Philco- 2000 series codes. User's Manual" MND-3200, Martin Co., Baltimore, Mar. 1965.
  • Olsen, Thomas M. (1965) Olsen, Thomas M. "Philco/IBM translation at problem-oriented, symbolic and binary levels" pp762-768 Extract: Extract: Extract: General Approach Extract: Conclusion
          in [ACM] (1965) [ACM] CACM 8(12) Dec 1965
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