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Language peer sets for ENIAC short code:
United States
United States/1946
Designed 1946
1940s languages
First generation
Immediate Post-War
Genus Initial orders
Excluded from Sammet
Initial orders
Fixed operation
Initial orders/1946
Fixed operation/1946
Initial orders/United States
Assemblers/United States
Fixed operation/United States
Excluded from Sammet
Excluded from Sammet/1946
Excluded from Sammet/us

ENIAC short code(ID:6030/eni002)

Clippinger/von Neumann short code 

alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1946
Genus: Initial orders
Sammet category: Excluded from Sammet

Clippinger and von Neumann modifcation of the ENIAC to make it more preprogrammable, based in part of theories of generalisability encountered with conversations with Turing in the 30s.
The system has an earlier date than the published one because Booth and Britten studied it in 1946, and later in 1947, incorporating their ideas into the ARC dsign set.

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  • Clippinger, R. F. (1948) Clippinger, R. F. "A Logical Coding System Applied to the ENIAC" Ballistic Research Laboratories Report No. 673. (29 September 1948) Abstract Online copy
  • Clippinger, R. (1949) Clippinger, R. F. Description and Use of the ENIAC Converter Code, Ballistic Research Laboratories, Technical Note No. 141 (November 1949) Archived copy at CBI in Government Box 11
  • Description of the Eniac Computer Code. (1951) Description of the Eniac Computer Code. Department of the Army, Ordnance Corps, Ballistic Research Laboratories, Aberdeen Proving Ground December 1951. Archived copy at CBI in Government Box 11
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