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Language peer sets for Kiev:
United States
United States/2002
Designed 2002
2000s languages
New internationlism


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 2002

Java with Logic extensions, written in and source compatible with Pizza

Prolog-like engine
Parametriezed types (derived from Pizza)
Closures (derived from Pizza)
Multiple inheritance by interfaces and delegation
Arithmetic types, type states and cases (derived from Pizza)
Overloaded and user-defined operators
'foreach' statement
'switch' statement for types
'goto'/'goto case'/'goto default' statements
Global method and variable definitions
'enum' enumeration types
Virtual fields
A variable number of arguments of methods
Assert/trace methods and Work-by-Contrace
Multiple inheritance by interfaces and delegation
Detailed access specification
Heterogenouse compilation of parametriezed types for primitive argument types
Packed fields and bit-fields
Project, incremental compilation

Related languages
Java Kiev   Extension of
PIZZA Kiev   Written using

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