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Language peer sets for PL/LL:
Designed 1983
1980s languages
Fourth generation
Late Cold War


object oriented hybrid language system 

alternate simple view
Designed 1983

COmprises two languages - PL and LL

Lars Erik Thorelli   Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden  

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  • Thorelli, L E (1984) Thorelli, L E "Proposal for a low level object oriented architecture", TR1TA-CS-8402, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 1984.
  • Thorelli, Lars-Erik (1985) Thorelli, Lars-Erik "A language for linking modules into systems", BIT, v.25 n.2, p.359-379, 1985
  • Thorelli, L E and Handong, Wu (1986) Thorelli, L E and Handong, Wu "Description of the object-oriented architecture OOA/68K", TRITA-CS-8601, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 1986.
  • Thorelli, Lars-Erik (1987) Thorelli, Lars-Erik "Modules and type checking in PL/LL" pp268-276 Abstract DOI
          in [OOPSLA 1987] (1987) SIGPLAN Notices 22(12) December 1987 (OOPSLA '87)
  • Philippsen, Michael (2000) Philippsen, Michael "A survey of concurrent object-oriented languages" pp917-980
          in (2000) Concurrency: Practice and Experience 2000 v12
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