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Language peer sets for STAR:
Russian Federation
Russian Federation/1991
Designed 1991
1990s languages
Fifth generation
Post-Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Russian Federation
Designed 1991

Pascal-like compiler for the SARTRAN parallel computer

Likely to have a  connection with STARSET, not clear

  • Nepomniaschaya, A. Sh. (1991) Nepomniaschaya, A. Sh. "Language STAR for Associative and Parallel Computation with Vertical Data Processing" in: Proc. of the Intern. Conf. "Parallel Computing Technologies", World Scientific, Singapore (1991) pp258--265.
  • Nepomniaschaya, A. Sh. (1993) Nepomniaschaya, A. Sh. "Language STAR and its application to relational algebra" Computer Science - Bulletin of the Novosibirsk Computing Center vol 1, 1993 Abstract
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