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Language peer sets for POFAC:
Designed 1974
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Belgium
Designed 1974
Published: 1974

A subset of Fortran as a virtual machine

Ecole Royale Militaire, Brussels, Belgium

Related languages
FORTRAN IV POFAC   Extension of

  • Ramsey H.R. et al (1973) "POFAC Description", R. Haentjens, Report 19, Cenre d'Information, Ecole Royale Militaire, Brussels, 1973.
  • Gennart, P. E.; Haentjens, R.; Horne, R.; Lathuy, (1974) Gennart, P. E.; Haentjens, R.; Horne, R.; Lathuy, L.; Mathieu, J. "Portability of an ALGOL 68 compiler"
          in van der Poel, Maarsen (eds) (1974) Machine Oriented Higher Level Languages (van der Poel, Maarsen, editors) North Holland 1974
  • Brown, P. (1975) Brown, P. J. review of Gennart et al 1974 Abstract
          in (1975) ACM Computing Reviews 16(03) March 1975
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