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Designed 1979
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Advanced Continuous Simulation Language 

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Country: United States
Designed 1979
Published: 1980
Sammet category: Specialised Languages

for Advanced Continuous Simulation Language
pronounced "axle"

Mitchell and Gauthier Associates, 1979

Continuous simulation modeling package designed to mathematically model and analyze the behavior of systems described by time dependent nonlinear differential equations or transfer functions.

Originally a simple FORTRAN preprocessor for continuous-system modelling, ACSL has been used since 1980. The language is a hybrid of system specification elements and procedural processing blocks.

ACSL includes: the Graphic Modeller for block diagramming, Math for powerful data analysis and advanced visualization features, Realtime to include hardware-in-the-loop testing and training simulator design, Code to turn your models into C source code, and Vision to animate the results fo your models.

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  • (1993) "Advanced Continuous Simulation Language (ACSL) Reference Manual". Mitchell and Gauthier Associates (MGA) Inc., copyright 1993.
  • Vielle B, Chauvet G (1993) Vielle B, Chauvet G "An ACSL simulation of the respiratory system" Int J Biomed Comput. 33(1) July 1993 pp45-54 Abstract
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