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Language peer sets for VECTRAN:
United States
United States/1975
Designed 1975
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: United States
Designed 1975
Published: 1975

for VECtor forTRAN

FORTRAN with vector extensions.

Paul and Wilson, IBM, 1975

  • [IBM] (1975) "The VECTRAN Language: An Experimental Language for Vector/Matrix Array Processing, Palo Alto Scientific Center, Report G320- 3334, IBM (Aug 1975).
  • Paul, G., and Wilson, M. W. (1978) Paul, G., and Wilson, M. W. "An Introduction to VECTRAN and its use in scientific applications programming" pp176-204
          in Proceedings of the LASL Workshop on Vector and Par (1978) Proceedings of the LASL Workshop on Vector and Parallel Processors. Los Alamos NM, 1978
  • Sammet, Jean E (1978) Sammet, Jean E "Roster of programming languages for 1976-77" pp56-85
          in [SIGPLAN] (1978) SIGPLAN Notices 13(11) Nov 1978
  • Hendrickson, Richard A. (1979) Hendrickson, Richard A. "Array processing extensions to FORTRAN" pp175-178 Abstract
          in [ACM] (1979) [ACM] Proceedings of the 1979 ACM annual conference
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