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Language peer sets for JAP:
Designed 1973
1970s languages
Fourth generation
High Cold War


alternate simple view
Country: Poland
Designed 1973

from Polish "Jezyk Automatycznego Programowania" (i.e. "Language of Automatic Programming")

  • Pajak J., Pajak S.: (1973) Pajak J., Pajak S.: "Jezyk automatycznego programowania tokarek sterowanych numerycznie w ukladzie NUMEROBLOK 21 T01" (i.e. "The automatic programming language for lathes with NUMEROBLOK 21 T01 control system"). Mechanik, No. 4/1973, pp. 175-178.
  • Pajak J.: (1973) Pajak J.: "Autokod JAP do programowania tokarek sterowanych numerycznie" (i.e. "The JAP language for programming of lathes with numerical control"). Magazyn Technologa Przemyslu Lotniczego i Silnikowego (Poland), No. 2/1973, pp. 16-19.
  • Pajak J.: (1973) Pajak J.: "Sistemy obrabotki yazykov dlya maschinnogo programmirovaniya stankov c tsifrovym upravleniem" (i.e. "Language processing systems for automatic programming of numerically controlled machine tools"); Paper presented (in Russian) at the Second National Scientific-Technical Conference with Foreign Participation on "Program and Numerically Controlled Machine Tools and Automation of Production", Varna - Bulgaria, November 14-16, 1974; papers published by NTC Sofia (Bulgaria), 1976, pp. 505-520.
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